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eltalaWelcome to El Tala Ranch, an unforgettable place where you can spend your holidays and enjoy polo and horseback riding in a traditional ranch right in the heart of the Argentinian pampa.
El Tala Ranch is surrounded by  great natural beauty, rock formations,  forests and sierras which have inspired the Lasmartres  González family to locate  the lodge in the middle of a huge natural park full of flowers and plants.
For over a hundred years this has been a place to relax and a meeting point where the ancient family gathers together. It's also a place where friends, relatives and neighbors come together to honor tradition and friendship.   Since the Polo has always been present during these memorable moments, talented polo players have emerged throughout time.  
The Ranch is not only a family and polo meeting point, but also a model  field with a highly developed  agricultural production.

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